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What it this "Quarrelsome" thing about you may ask? Well...

Wolf The Quarrelsome was an Irish historical figure that appeared in history on two occasions for ruthlessly and dramatically messing up a horde of Vikings more than a 1000 years ago at the battle of Clontarf. He was basically so good at killing Vikings that the Vikings themselves gave him a badass name. Apparently, Wolf is an ancestral relation of mine by Way of the once King of Ireland Mr. Brian Boru whom my branch of the O'Regan name comes from. Since synonyms for Quarrelsome include words and phrases like "warring", "combative" and "ready for a fight", and since I have a long time interest in getting in to fight people in Boxing rings and MMA cages - how could I NOT take on such a tremendous name for the craic? Sure wouldn't you do the same if you were a history-loving pugilistic goon too?

I am a Sport and Exercise Scientist with a background in competitive Martial Arts and a penchant for studying Philosophy & Psychology way above my intellectual pay grade. I like to write and podcast about interesting stuff loosely orientated about those topics once every sometimes and contribute articles to Sigma Nutrition and Performance as well as the Mixed Mental Arts site. is the hub for all of my ramblings.

I am Ciaran "The Quarrelsome" O'Regan and I like Writing, Fighting, and Sport Sciencing.

Welcome to Quarrelsome Life.

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Apr 21, 2019

Limerick musician Brian O'Brien on the utility of loneliness, cathartic art, the creative process, and much more.

Here is a small quote from our chat that might offer a glimpse into Brian's mind as it relates to art:

  • “Just do something while you’re here… if you try and be creative in something and you feel like...